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Enquire about Awesome Adventures Fiji: Fiji Island Escapes - White Sandy Beach

Awesome Adventures Fiji: Fiji Island Escapes - White Sandy Beach

Situated in the central Yasawa Island chain, White Sandy Beach is a small, family run resort with basic but comfortable accommodation in a lovely quiet location. 

Memories aren’t created from things you said you would do, they are built from the things you have done. Travel allows you to encounter real life and embark on real adventures.


We are all writing our own story and Awesome Adventures Fiji is creating real memories for the next chapter of your book. The original adventure travel company of the Yasawas, Awesome Adventures Fiji has spent over 16 years perfecting the art of taking travellers to a place where happiness finds them. With so much to discover, we have created a variety of packages to ensure you experience the “real Fiji” whilst still allowing you plenty of time and flexible options to journey on your own adventure of discovery.


Awesome Adventures Fiji understands that travel is about the freedom to choose your own path of discovery. We offer a range of carefree packages exploring the Yasawas; Fiji Island Escapes for staying put and relaxing, Bula Passes for freestyle travel and for the ultimate explorer the option to design your own customised itinerary and choose the places you wish to explore. Travelling with Awesome Adventures Fiji is about creating the holiday experience you desire in one of the most glorious regions of the South Pacific.


There are three different levels of accommodation to suit different travelling styles and budgets from those happy with the bare essentials to those looking for more creature comforts. Our Fijian staff will embrace you with their infectious “Bula Spirit” and ensure you enjoy every moment of your awesome adventure. With everything pre-booked and organised for you, you can fully immerse yourself into your ultimate Fiji experience.


Full Monty Featured Activities


To make it easy and guarantee a place for you on these great activities we have negotiated special prices and included them under the ‘FULL MONTY’ – your chosen package PLUS all the nominated activities or upgrades. The Full Monty activities are described day by day in the packages.


A special day aboard ‘Seaspray’ sailing amongst the outer Mamanuca Islands. Enjoy the crystal clear waters for snorkelling and swimming, a traditional Fijian village visit and Kava ceremony (except Sunday). Visit the island featured in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Cast Away’. All booze, morning/afternoon tea and a barbecue lunch is included. It’s a stunner.


The boat trip up to the caves is worth doing for its own sake but then there’s the magical experience of the caves themselves. No diving is required to enter the main cavern as it’s just a few easy steps. We recommend you take the option to enter the secondary cavern where you need to swim through an underwater tunnel. See your resort for details.


Moua Reef is only a short boat ride from the white sandy beaches of Kuata and Waya Lailai Islands. A spectacular site from above and below the water with an abundance of colourful fish and beautiful corals. This outer reef is also home to some “friendly” Reef Sharks that you can snorkel with – gets the adrenalin pumping but they eat fish not people so no need to worry! Your local guides hand feed the sharks creating awesome underwater photo opportunities.


Learn how to cook some traditional Fijian dishes by actually preparing the meal yourself and then of course the best part - getting to eat it along with your fellow chefs!


Life in the Yasawas is village based. All Fijians are strongly rooted to their culture, land and their mataqali (family). You cannot however just wander into a village and must be accompanied by a person from there. Being able to visit one of these villages is a special experience sharing and learning about this different world to that of modern city life. Your guide will teach you basic protocols and accompany you around the village. It is a very relaxed tour and you’ll be able to wander freely, meeting the villagers and children as they go about their daily life. The Ratu (or Chief) may even welcome you.


PEAKS One of the more strenuous excursions on offer but definitely worth it. The southern Yasawas boasts rugged volcanic peaks with summits providing magnificent views over the surrounding islands and ocean. The best time to be there is sunrise or sunset (it’s also cooler for the climb!).


A number of the islands offer guided kayaking trips which venture away from the resort, ensuring you experience the very best spots. The guide knows the best route to take, the best snorkelling spots over a reef, the loveliest beaches and be able to tell you of life in the Yasawas as you go.


One of the most amazing experiences the natural world has to offer. These magnificent, majestic creatures come to this particular channel between two islands each day on the change of tide to feed. No photograph will prepare you for that first sighting of them. The mantas don’t seem to mind swimmers so there’s a good chance your encounter will be a lengthy one as they turn and glide in the waters beneath you, huge mouths open as they feed on the plankton.


A bit of fun under the sun! Chill out, cool drink in hand and mates floating around you as you get pulled through the water and watch the sunset. What a great way to end the day in Fiji!


Now this is a must! You’re in Fiji in relaxation-mode so you just have to treat yourself to a luxurious island massage and relax that little bit more.


This fun trip is a great way to chat with the locals and meet other villagers out in their boats. The trip is more about the experience of throwing over a hand-line, laughing and joking with your crew and admiring the view than actually catching a fish. If you do, it’s a bonus! All guests choosing the Full Monty option of their package get an Awesome Adventures Fiji


All guests choosing the Full Monty option of their package get an Awesome Adventures Fiji SULU or CAP and a ‘MAI YASAWA’ SOUVENIR BOOK – a magnificent 80 page photo book. The Full Monty option is only available on 1 and 2 Coconut grade packages.



Dorm and bures. If you need a hairdryer, these are not for you. Resorts are typically basic but on a beautiful beach. Usually there is no hot water but the local water supply is tepid. Meals are included in the price. Bring your own towel, soap and other necessities. All these resorts are run by Fijians who love hosting and sharing their lives with you the guest. MEALS are included in the accommodation price and the packages in all 1 Coconut properties and most 2 Coconut properties. Meals are simple and filling, served at specific times of the day e.g. breakfast 8am – 9am, providing an opportunity to meet fellow travellers.



Dorm and bures. Generally more modern properties with a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than 1 Coconut grade but still with a strong Fijian flavour. There’s aircon or fans during generator operating hours. Meals are generally more varied with more courses and an option to upgrade. MEALS are included in the accommodation price and the packages in most 2 Coconut properties. Meals are served at specific times of the day e.g. breakfast 8am – 9am, providing an opportunity to

meet fellow travellers. Meals are simple, filling and the 2 Coconut properties generally offer more variety and courses. Those 2 Coconut properties that have Meal Plans at compulsory extra cost are indicated in the ‘Island Escapes’ and the package details.



Bures only. Looking for a resort with more modern amenities and offering a more personal experience at great value prices then these are for you. You’ll enjoy a welcome cocktail, a full bar, a la carte or buffet dining. Many properties have a meal package plan which you pay to the resort. All rooms have aircon or fan, ensuite bathrooms and all necessities including towels supplied. All are in beautiful, often secluded locations, right on the beach. Option to upgrade to Captains Lounge for all vessel transfers. MEALS are not included in the accommodation price (except Beachcomber on certain packages). Resorts offer meals either on an a la carte basis (some nights buffets), on a pay as you go basis or in a “Meal Package” which must be purchased for the duration of your stay. Prices are per person per day and are paid directly to the Resort. All our resorts seek to offer a mix of Fijian and European styles using fresh local produce. Be sure to give the uniquely Fijian dishes a try!

NOTE: Even within the same category properties can vary so for more detailed information on each property see ‘FIJI ISLAND ESCAPES’.

ONE THING ALL RESORTS HAVE IN COMMON IS THEY ARE SET IN STUNNING LOCATIONS. You’ll mix and mingle with the locals for whom the nearby villages and the Yasawas is home. Most resorts are owned and operated by local Fijians. They are not owned by Awesome Adventures and standards vary from property to property. However we do monitor them and have Awesome Adventures staff moving around all the time to ensure everything is as it should be. Accommodation share twin and double rooms (price based on two people sharing) are generally called bures, the name for a traditional home with a thatched roof. They are not all thatched these days but the idea remains the same.



The easy way - our packages range from 5 to 12 days and cover some of the most spectacular Yasawa Islands. Enjoy beautiful beaches, friendly Fijian hospitality and crystal clear waters as you travel from one island in paradise to the next. Choose one of our great packages combining the transfers, accommodation, meals and key activities and you will save a great deal of time and hassle. With the packages, everything is sorted and best of all, your accommodation is Guaranteed. There are often times when the more popular properties are full with guests who have booked ahead. See pages

Two island stays have always been extremely popular so we’ve made it really easy for you by matching two properties that we think make a great pair in paradise. Properties range from 1 Coconut to 3 Coconut accommodation.

The Pass is an extremely popular way to explore Fiji’s magnificent islands. It gives you the freedom to island hop where and when you want in this beautiful South Pacific region. The ‘Bula Combo Pass’ includes pre-paid accommodation.

If you have limited time in Fiji or just want to visit one stunning island, chill out and relax, a ‘Fiji Island Escape’ package is the way to go. Choose your length of stay (3 days, 5 days or 7 days) and if you have time, add extra nights to suit. Includes vessel transfers to your island paradise.

Build your very own Yasawa experience itinerary - you then have the certainty of pre booked accommodation but it’s all your choice. Work your way through our ‘FIJI MY CHOICE’ Brochure guide, choosing the places where you want to stay and for how long. See pages 32-33. Send off the request and you’ll receive an itinerary, island transfers and price. A bit more work but it’s your very own personal, tailor made Yasawa experience. A great way to go if you’d like to select properties from the different Coconut levels or mix them up as you please.

On your package itinerary you can add as many extra nights to any of the properties included as you like. Turn a 6 night package into a 10 night! The prices are shown in the ‘Fiji Island Escapes’ section of the Awesome Adventures Fiji brochure. If you want to add another island/resort that is not included in your package itinerary you can still do so but additional transfer charges may apply. Contact us for details. Prices listed as ‘Twin/Double’ or apartments are per person based on 2 people sharing a room or bure.

We know sometimes you are leaving home a long way ahead of getting to paradise and plans can change, so all 1 & 2 Coconut options can be booked on an open dated basis. All you need to do is confirm your arrival date and starting date with Awesome Adventures at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Fiji. The below ‘Right to Substitute’ conditions apply. Travel must commence no later than 12 months after purchase and meal prices valid at time of travel to be paid direct to resort.

The places where you’ll stay are mainly quite small so capacity is limited. If we specify particular properties that means they are the ones we use most of the time BUT... occasionally they may be full. Reservations systems in the Yasawas also aren’t always that flash and we rely on phone calls... so when you book any multi island stay package in the 1 & 2 Coconut categories we reserve the right to put you into another property. It will be of a similar standard and you’ll have just as good a time. Occasionally we may even have to swap the order of the nights around or put you on a different island but in all cases we’ll provide you with a similar experience. This condition is necessary to provide the convenience of instant confirmation (or “Freesale” in travel industry speak) and it is kind of just how it has to be when you “go local” in the Yasawa Islands. So you’ll get instant confirmation that you’ve booked a ‘Fiji Island Escape’ for instance and if there are any changes to the brochure itinerary you’ll be advised within 48 hours of Awesome Adventures receiving your booking. The 3 Coconut itineraries are not available on “Freesale” - availability and any necessary changes will be advised prior to your booking being confirmed.

Properties have generators, so you’ll have electricity from sunset ‘til midnight and generally for the first part of the morning, however, operating times can vary so please check with your resort. The local power socket is the same as for Australia and New Zealand. In most properties either the beds have mosquito nets or the windows have screens but we always recommend bringing along insect repellent!

Sunday is a day of rest and church going in the Yasawas. This means that conducted activities are not on offer however you are free to do activities on your own. In most villages you will be welcome to join the church service - an amazing experience. When travelling on a Full Monty package your activities will be organized around this.

Credit cards and travellers cheques can be now be used on most islands but it is still advisable to have some cash with you. If you’re on an Awesome Adventures Fiji package between FJ$30-$40 cash per day should be enough. For those passengers using the ‘Bula Pass’ and paying as they go accommodation prices in the 1 and 2 Coconut properties are between FJ$111 -$155 per night for a dorm (including 3 meals) and FJ$110 -$200+ per person per night for a share twin/double bure (including 3 meals).

The bank at the airport is open 24 hours. Cash machines are available at the Airport, in Nadi and there are two at Port Denarau Marina. The currency is the Fijian dollar. Check out current exchange rates to get a sense of how much you’ll need.

For all packages, passes and transfers. The Awesome Adventures vessel ‘Yasawa Flyer’ a high speed, modern catamaran, departs Denarau Marina at 8:30am daily for all Yasawa destinations. It returns daily at 5:45pm. South Sea Island, Bounty and Beachcomber are also serviced on this run. Additional departures to South Sea Island, Bounty, Beachcomber and Treasure Island are also available at 9:00am, 12:15pm and 3:15pm on board South Sea Cruises’ vessels. See the map on the inside front cover of the brochure for island and resort locations.

We are very happy to pick you up from your accommodation on the day of departure for the transfer to Denarau Marina. If you don’t book your Nadi accommodation through us you have to advise us where you are staying. If you don’t advise us, getting to Denarau Marina on time is your responsibility and at your cost. In the event that you are staying in Fiji for another night after you have completed your holiday with us, we also provide a courtesy coach drop off back to all resorts listed on our schedule in the Nadi, Wailoaloa and Denarau area. Please note there is only one courtesy coach departing Denarau marina at 6pm to drop off to Nadi Airport, hotels and resorts in the Wailoaloa area.

If you’d like to speed things up and avoid the queues at the morning departure then you are most welcome to check in at our Port Denarau counter the day prior any time after 9:30am. You will be given all your necessary documents so that you can board the vessel directly the next day.

White Sandy Beach is a quiet, small family-run resort. Basic but comfortable accommodation sits at the end of lovely Korovou Beach. The resort bures are stretched out amongst the palm trees, just back from the beach where hammocks are strung amongst the trees. There is good snorkelling out front or a short walk to a secluded and beautiful Honeymoon Beach will reveal snorkelling that will blow you away! In the evenings it’s a low key affair – enjoy beachside bonfires with lots of Fijian singing and dancing, and games to get everyone involved. Spend the night chatting, singing and joking with other guests and the staff.


• Snorkelling

• Diving

• Hand line fishing trips

• Traditional craft

• Traditional feast nights

• Fijian singing & dancing

• Volleyball

• Island walks

• Village trip to Gunu

BONUS Book 4+ nights and get: Hand-line fishing OR FREE snorkel gear hire

Departs Denarau Marina daily at 8:30am
Returns 5:45pm 

Note: Departure and return times are subject to change